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Why Choosing Walker Creek Wellness

For those who are in dire need of the assistance that can only reliably be attained from a qualified addiction recovery treatment clinic such as ours in Abbeville, Louisiana, help is available. At Walker Creek Wellness, we work hard to ensure that all of our clients have access to the specific treatment they need in order to successfully attain their goals for recovery. The specifics of the treatment strategy that we offer to a client will vary based on their unique needs for recovery support. One client might require the benefit of dual diagnosis mental health treatment, while another might fare better with access to a certain strategy.

We strive to offer every single client who enrolls in our addiction recovery program with access to the support they deserve. For some clients, this means the benefit of dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Dual diagnosis is integral when a client is struggling with a co-occurring mental health disorder in addition to their struggle with substance abuse. When a client finds themselves in this particular situation, getting the treatment they need can be difficult. This is because a client with a co-occurring disorder needs treatment for both their addiction and for any co-occurring mental health disorder. Fortunately, at Walker Creek Wellness, our drug treatment clinic in Abbeville, Louisiana, we can offer dual diagnosis to adequately treat both an addiction and any co-occurring disorder.

While each client will have their own personalized plan for addiction recovery treatment when they enroll in our Abbeville, Louisiana substance abuse recovery program, there are certain common elements that many of the clients here at Walker Creek Wellness experience as they are working toward addiction recovery. One of these common elements is supervised detoxification. Detox is an essential stage in recovery, but it can be uncomfortable or in some cases even dangerous. Fortunately, at our substance abuse treatment clinic, supervised detox allows us to be sure that you will find yourself in a safe environment during this integral stage of treatment.

Group therapy sessions are one of the most important aspects of the personalized addiction recovery programs we provide for clients who enroll at our Abbeville, Louisiana drug detox clinic. During group sessions, the client get the opportunity to join in a discussion with their peers here at Walker Creek Wellness. You will be amazing at how much you will learn from your fellow clients. When you enroll in the program at our substance abuse treatment facility, you will have the chance to begin forming your own sober support network even before you leave our facility thanks to opportunities like this.

Once you have graduated from the Walker Creek Wellness addiction recovery program, you will know that our friendly and experienced staff will still offer you the support you need once you have left our Abbeville, Louisiana drug rehab center. This is because we offer every client who completes our program with a plan for aftercare treatment that is customized to fit the client’s individual needs. Get in touch today and you can take the very first steps down your personal road to recovery.